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My WOE works!

I had lab work the other day, among other things a lipid panel. 

Component Your result Standard range Units
Cholesterol 235 < 239 –   mg/dL
Triglyceride 71 < 199 –   mg/dL
HDL 79 > 45 –   mg/dL
Low density lipoprotein calculated 142 < 129 –   mg/dL

If you’re not into lab results, let me give you a little tour:

1.  Total Cholesterol.  My result was 235, which appears to be high normal if you look at the standard range.  But IF your HDL is high and your triglycerides are low, the total cholesterol can be even higher without signaling an increased risk for cardiovascular disease.  In fact, women with higher cholesterol levels live long and have less chance of cancer.  So my 235 is a good number. 

2.  HDL.  My result was 79, anything over 60 is considered very good in low carb/paleo circles.  However, since most of the population has lousy HDL numbers, the standard range is anything over 45.  79 is a GREAT number.

3.  Triglycerides:  My result was 79.  Dr. William Davis (Wheat Belly) likes to see that number even lower, but 79 is VERY good.  I’ve seen people report triglycerides over a thousand (!) and most people who aren’t controlling carbs have triglycerides in the hundreds. 

4.  LDL.  Mine was 142 and the standard range is less than 129, so this number appears high.  But Dr. Davis says that when HDL is high and triglycerides are low, most of LDL is the “large, fluffy kind” rather than the “small, dense kind”.  Large fluffy LDL is good, small, dense LDL is a big risk factor for cardiovascular disease. 

Unfortunately, I did not have a lipid panel BEFORE beginning my LCHF diet.  I’m certain it must have been TERRIBLE because my diet was not good at all for too many years and I felt like death warmed over.  I wish I had it to compare to, but I am 100% certain that the good numbers here are entirely attributable to my diet.*

The most awesome part of all is that I acheived these numbers by eating such artery clogging delights as heavy whipping cream, 3 or more whole eggs a day, chicken with the skin on, lots of red meat, real butter, and more.  And enjoying every bite!

Now, anyone want to bet that my doctor STILL tries to put me on statins?

*Certainly NOT to my genes.  Both parents had severe cardiovascular disease, and all my grandparents as well.