Why don’t more people “get it”?

San Francisco talk radio station KGO had a pediatrician on today. A grandmother called worried about her five month old granddaughter who has severe eczema and doesn’t sleep more than 2 hours at a time. The baby is irritable and unhappy. They thought it was an allergy to something in the breast milk and switched the baby to a soy formula.

The pediatrician explained that this was common. He sees babies like this all the time and they go on to have allergies and asthma as a child. Yikes! He spoke about this chain of events as if it was inevitable and unpreventable—the normal course of things. It didn’t seem to be a big deal for him—once these other things develop, a pediatrician will simply prescribe drugs to treat the ongoing issues. Score one for Big Pharma.

The doctor’s only advice was that the skin issues will get better and she’ll do fine by age 1 ½ or 2, or at least until the allergies and asthma kick in. Poor kid.

I wanted to call in to the show and scream. From what I’m learning in Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis, it’s highly likely that the baby’s skin issues are related to an allergy to the wheat in her mother’s diet. If the mother dropped wheat from her diet, I bet anything the baby’s skin issues and irritability would improve. My guess is that mom is also trying to eat a low fat diet to get her pre-pregnancy figure back—fat would satiate the baby and help her sleep and develop.

Instead, they put this baby on a chemical concoction that is soy formula. Soy in the United States is a genetically manufactured INDUSTRIAL product, and is probably contributing to the baby’s problems, not helping them. Nothing is better for a baby than mother’s milk. She was successfully breast feeding, and with a dietary alteration that could have continued until the baby was ready to wean. But the mom has no clue.

Even scarier, neither does the pediatrician. How many more babies have to suffer and go on to develop lifelong problems with allergies and asthma before they “get it”???


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