So What Do I Eat?

Breakfasts: (one of these menus)

 1.  Eggs and bacon:  2 whole eggs and one egg yolk (preferably pastured eggs) fried in 2 tsp. of coconut oil, 3 slices of turkey bacon (we don’t eat pork), and a commuter cup full of coffee with 1 tbsp. heavy whipping cream and 1 ½ tsp. of coconut oil.  (Mmmmm, don’t you just love “diet” food?)  ;o)   Sometimes, when feeling extra virtuous,  I put the eggs on a bed of fresh raw spinach—the heat from the eggs wilts the spinach.      OR

 Hot flaxmeal cereal (1/4 cup ground flaxmeal cooked in 2/3 cup water) with 1 tbsp. almond butter and “fixings”—one or many of:  ½ square of baker’s unsweetened chocolate, coconut flakes, nuts, cacao nibs.  Usually a few drops of stevia, especially if I’m having the unsweetened chocolate.  And I pour on a little heavy cream, plus more in my coffee.    OR

 Low carb pancakes made from low carb protein powder and egg with frozen blueberries (I usually do this on the weekends when I have more time). A few slices of turkey bacon and coffee with HWC, too.  OR

 Whole Milk yogurt or my homemade yogurt (made with heavy cream) with some homemade low carb granola and a few frozen berries.


Breakfast usually fills me up, so I have lunch late, and sometimes forget to eat lunch at all.  Generally I have a protein smoothie made with 1 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder, 1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1/3 cup of whole milk or homemade cream yogurt.  I usually eat a little something on the side—often some homemade low carb granola (dry), a slice or two of cheese, some leftover meat or veggie from last night’s dinner.   On the weekends, I’m more likely to eat leftovers from dinner.


This is the one meal I don’t have control over since DH usually cooks.  He’s pretty good about making something I can have.  We have an entrée of meat, chicken, or fish most nights.  (Organic and pastured or grass-fed meats if possible).  Sometimes we have a quick low carb vegetable frittata, or homemade soup.  Last night he made butternut squash soup—a little high in carbs for me, but not too bad.  And it was delicious! 

 I have frozen cooked hamburger patties and sausages in case I can’t or won’t eat what he makes for himself and our kids.  If it’s a starchy entrée (pizza or pasta, usually) I eat one of my frozen stash. 

Sometimes there’s a starchy side dish like grains, potatoes, or noodles, and I just don’t eat  it (I will eat small servings of sweet potatoes or winter squash) .


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